BLVGBT+ Travel Grants

BVLGBT+ is delighted to announce the award of its Pride travel grants for 2017. The grants,  generously supported by The Vet Times, Purina ProPlan, Goddard Veterinary Group and Virbac, will help ten students from across the UK attend London and Edinburgh Prides. Seven of the successful applicants have never attended Pride, and 5 could not attend without the support of BVLGBT+.

BVLGBT+ aims to support LGBT+ members of the vet, vet nursing and related professions. Last year 60 members marched in London Pride - the first time vets had marched together. The event was hugely successful in building friendships, creating a community and reaffirming often vulnerable members of our professions. 

This year BVLGBT+ has worked to make it easier for more vets and vet nurses to attend Pride, helped by amazing support from its Pride sponsors: The Vet Times, Purina ProPlan, Goddard Veterinary Group and Virbac. We will attend London and Edinburgh Prides, and have awarded ten Pride Travel Grants.

BLVGBT+ Travel Award...

travel award 2017 blvgbt prodeLast year 80 vets, vet nurses and para-professionals joined in the march at London Pride – the first time our professions have been represented.

And it was brilliant.

This year we’re marching in Edinburgh (17th June) and London (8th July).

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